Amber Jesson

Amber Jesson is a East-Midlands based artist and emerging curator, experimenting with unpredictability and the possibilities of undiscovered forms using photography. Amber explores the physical processes of how 35mm film can be manipulated by designing and making her own peculiar pinhole cameras; an elementary device which sees and seizes without complex mechanics.

Amber is fascinated by the process of how a simple entity can yield such a complex reflection of an unquestionable truth. These are not to be understood as memories, but rather as moments impressionistically collected upon a single photograph. The modest nature of the pinhole cameras permits discretion, and opens a portal to capture unseen truths.

Amber graduated from DMU in 2020 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, and is the current Curation & Events Assistant at Modern Painters, New Decorators in Loughborough.


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