Eleanor Suess

Eleanor is an artist, architect, and educator. She teaches architecture at Kingston School of Art and completed an AHRC funded PhD at Central Saint Martins. Eleanor’s practice and writing has been exhibited and published internationally, and she has work in several private collections. As a transdisciplinary practitioner situated between art and architecture, Eleanor explores temporality and ephemerality through several strands of practice – artists’ digital films and cyanotype blueprints. Her work with cyanotype printing explores expanded strategies for architectural representation and uses sunlight as the primary active agent in the work. This work explores the conventions of architectural axonometric drawing projection, through original cyanotype photogram exposures made from architectural-like arrangements of transparent and opaque objects. The resulting prints record the shadows and refracted and reflected light of each unique configuration of objects. The parallel rays of sunlight activate the cyanotype paper, constructing images that follow the convention of non-perspectival oblique projection.


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