Traces Exhibition, BUMF Gallery, October 2019

Exhibition Abstract

Curated by and featuring work from Anna Luk, Lucy Kane and Hannah Dobson.

The three exhibiting artists’ works are tied together through their use of photography, painting and the body within their practices.

Anna Luk

These works are an exploration into the materiality of photography, questioning ‘what is photography’ and moving past its perceived function of documentation into abstraction. Photography often lacks the physicality and physical presence that other mediums such as painting and sculpture have, as well as the sense of the ‘artist’s hand’ – I seek to bring these elements into photography, combining them with the medium’s ability to capture aspects of reality by recording light.

Lucy Kane

Investigating the possibilities of the camera and the enlarger in relation to the body, by creating non-representational and non-figurative self-portraits. Thus, exploring the photographic portrait and how being both part of the image and the image making process allows one to gain autonomy over their body.

By presenting a range of images that are visually disparate from one another, she is challenging the fixed idea of the representational portrait.

Hannah Dobson

Working with performance and paint, I enact the inability to carry out certain movements and use the camera to document the event, highlighting the impossibility of reach.

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