Tied to Light Vol. 1
Publication and Launch Event

Tied to Light Vol. 1 celebrates the work of eighteen artists whose works explore the endless possibilities of the photographic medium through experimental and boundary pushing approaches to making and thinking. The resulting publication brings together a vast range of photographic processes, including but certainly not limited to: chemigram, cyanotype, photogram, cliché verre, Polaroid, ‘film soup’, digital manipulation and pinhole photography.

Hand-folded concertina publication. Thirty-two pages. Printed on 170gsm Arcoprint, accompanied by 200gsm Arcoprint belly band and 250gsm Arcoprint insert. Edition of 150.

Curated and designed by Lucy Kane and Anna Luk.

Text by Anna Luk.

Printed by Dayfold.

Featured Artists:
Aidan Gageler
Charlotte Greenwood
Katie Hallam
Luke Harby
Kelsey Ianuzzi
Berta Ibáñez
Amber Jesson
Koichiro Kojima
Eva Kreuger
Victoria Leighton
Micaela Mau
Bre McGeown
Wanda Oliver
Emilie Poiret-Brown
Stu Sontier
Eleanor Suess
Carlotta Valente
Reece Woodhams

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